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Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, Rue Belliard, 60-62, 1040 Brussels

INNO-Views Workshop on Emerging Economies (BRIC Countries) and Innovation

Emerging Economies (BRIC Countries) and Innovation
 Implications for innovation policies in Europe

It is commonly accepted that globalisation is an overriding trend for business, research and innovation, and that BRIC countries are increasingly gaining importance in global innovation processes. The workshop intends to open up the discussion on the opportunities and challenges the different BRIC countries offer to European innovation policy and what are the most effective ways to address the key collaboration issues.

This workshop, hosted by the representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU, will bring together 20 to 30 leading experts and policy makers for a two-day period to discuss the rationales, challenges and opportunities to develop European innovation collaboration with emerging economies, in particular with the BRIC countries.

The workshop will allow extensive and informal discussions to examine the trends, practices and policy approaches for enhancing collaboration in innovation with emerging economies BRIC in a globalised knowledge economy, to identify specific areas of common interest or for further exploration, and provide recommendations to the European Commission for EU innovation policy making.

The invited participants include academics and others (think tanks, business schools, statisticians) that have analysed the trends, practices and impact of international R&D and innovation collaboration; policy makers and analysts that have designed, implemented, or are in the process of developing, implementing measures or evaluating policies to support the international collaboration with emerging countries BRIC in Innovation and the opening up of national innovation systems, as well as company representatives experienced in managing internationalisation of R&D and innovation processes.

The workshop focuses on the before-mentioned specific collaboration issues with BRIC countries, with a particular focus on defining the key challenges, identifying proven approaches and instruments to these, and defining relevant policy recommendations for the European innovation policy.

The workshop is organised in 4 sessions:

  • Innovation collaboration beyond Europe outlining relevant policy areas dealing with globalisation aspects of innovation
  • Challenges and opportunities with specific BRIC economies discussing specific characteristics of BRICS' national innovation systems
  • Approaches and practices in innovation collaboration with BRIC economies aiming at facilitating innovation collaboration with BRIC countries
  • Implications for European innovation policy addressing integrated approaches in support of innovation collaboration with BRICs

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