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Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology

"Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology" was presented yesterday during the final project Seminar of the EU funded project "Science, Ethics and Technological Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Countries" in Brussels yesterday. The event was was held under the title “RESEARCH,INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT: THE SOCIAL FABRIC OF SCIENCE" , and gathered experts, policy-makers and science-policy administrators to discuss the results of the three-years project with regard to policy and ethical perspectives of a dialogue among India, Africa and Europe. Two of the major outputs of the project were the "Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology" and the "African Manifesto for Science, Technology and Innovation" that were presented and discussed during the meeting. The presentations outlined the argument that not only the results of innovation have to be societal inclusive but that the scope of technological and social innovation is majorly dependet from the society in which it evolves. During a following round-table discussion, this paradim was discussed with regard to its (political) rationalisation and implementation and a respective follow up was decided.