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Committee To Advise Government On Holistic Approach To S & T in India

An Advisory Committee of Science and Technology will advise the government "On a holistic approach to research in science and technology," its members were told today.

Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal met members of the recently constituted Advisory Committee and explained to them its mandate, an HRD Ministry statement said.

The Committee headed by Prof Roddam Narasimha includes Dr Anil Kakodkar, Dr M K Bhan, Prof A K Sood, Prof V Kannan, Prof K Vijayraghavan, Prof Baldev Raj and Prof Ashustosh Sharma.

Sibal told members that the Committee would advise the government on a holistic approach to research in science and technology on strategies, schemes and measures that provide a vision yet show a specific path for implementation, the statement said.

The Committee will:

  • Lay down the vision for science and technology development in the university system in the next decade with targets for achievement;
  • Delineate strategies and measures to attract students to science and maths at the secondary level and simultaneously to improve teaching in science and maths in schools;
  • Identify emerging areas in science and technology for focusing through the university system;
  • Specify schemes with investment plans to facilitate creation of research infrastructure to increase the number of quality research institutions;
  • Develop schemes to attract global talent in research to Indian Universities and initiatives for faculty potential enhancement; and
  • Develop mechanisms for competitive research funding and research audit of institutions.

Sibal said given the vastness of its task, the Committee would prioritise its areas of focus and give recommendations from time to time on specific areas requiring attention of the government and policy makers.

He said the Committee may consult such persons as it deems fit and engage consultants to aid and assist in its task.

The Committee may meet as often as it required and submit reports from time to time but "Shall meet with HRM in chair" every three or four months to deliberate on recommendations that may require intervention of the Minister.