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Global innovation roundtable in India

The EU Delegation in New Delhi attended a Global Innovation Roundtable, organised by the Indian
National Innovation Council and chaired by Sam Pitroda (adviser to the Prime Minister of India on
innovation), which brought together the heads of innovation from 15 Governments to discuss the role of innovation in improving growth and welfare.
India is stressing inclusive innovation for reducing growing disparities in society, but it is also for
improving competitiveness by lowering costs, expanding markets and opportunities for businesses.
The 'More for Less for Many' strategy calls for more performance products and services, created by using less and less resources and available to (and affordable by) many people. At the time of the
roundtable, the Prime Minister of India released a report on Indian innovation strategy. The purpose of
the strategy is to encourage, inspire and empower people to think, discover, innovate and implement
novel solutions at the local and national level to put India on the path of growth and sustainable development.

For further information, contact Philippe de Taxis du Poet, EU Delegation, New Delhi

Source: International Research Update, Newsletter of the Directorate International Cooperation; DG Research and Innovation, European Commission.